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  • product name: Box-type stick noodle production line
  • On time: 2014-10-24
  • market price:
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Development Noodle Box drying production line, the company is summarized thirty years of manufacturing experience noodle equipment, through visits to domestic and foreign large noodle production companies. From 2006 to open its population and Henan University of collaboration in research and development. 2008 developed a high degree of automation, small footprint, energy saving Noodle Box drying equipment.
Development Noodle Box drying production line, to fill the gaps, plug-surface drying equipment, through Henan Province expert detection, identification, the device in the country in the lead, with energy saving, high degree of automation, environmental health and safety advantages, there are widely use value.
First, the device main characteristics and performance:
1, small footprint, simple structures, processes reasonably compact layout.
2, automatic and continuous surface with the powder to achieve a key system, easy to operate saves manpower, clean and sanitary.
3, continuous and noodle machine can gouache particle collisions in space, is to increase the affinity gouache uniform, and the proportion of surface water about 2%, and the surface quality improved significantly.
4, box-type drying, hot air circulation system using sine, full use of the thermal energy, energy saving than the original low-temperature drying room hanging around 70%. Temperature and humidity control, automatic temperature regulation, humidity control excretion amount of wind.
5, from flour noodles weighing packaging supplied to achieve equipment PLC program control, automatic frequency tracking operation, saving manpower.

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